Facts About Me (Day 2)

I have done 20 random facts about myself here  but reading through it now i feel like i have evolved since that post. 20 facts about me Now :


  1. I don’t eat ketchup (I prefer Chilli or barbecue sauce)
  2. You might not think it at first glance, but I’m a NERD.
  3. My Favorite week day is “Wednesday – (its my CDS DAY)
  4. I’m presently a criminal lawyer (prosecutor) and I don’t like what I do.
  5. watching Murder / crime investigation would make my day any time.

  1. I think and over think everything
  2. I’m a perfectionist and don’t leave anything to chance. I understand I can be over-bearing sometimes.
  3. I rarely get angry but when I do…. it gets to a hundred real quick.
  4. I love people who read wide and can carry on a conversation about anything.
  5. I randomly google and read things about : The world wars, Concentration camps, the planets, unsolved homicides in the world, possible life existence apart from humans – (this list is inexhaustible)
  6. When I party – I party HARD.
  7. I’m a crazy football lover. Most times i talk about football, the “male-folks” will be looking at me like “WOW” (like females are not supposed to love soccer).
  8. Been a MANCHESTER-UNITED FAN since my SS.1
  9. Life has cheated me out of a mother-daughter relationship. If you have that then I’m envious of you.
  10. I can’t take you seriously if you chat with me with these words (Lyk, luv, myne, k, etc)
  11. I have two phobias one of anything that has more than four legs and the other is someone really close to me dying.
  12. I hate Seafood.
  13. I don’t sleep well in any place that is not my room.
  14. I LOVE TRAVELING hence my blogname 🙂
  15. Watching Belgium & Italy match now.




“A lean COMPROMISE is better than a FAT LAWSUIT” – George Herbert.


  1. Interesting. Interesting.
    Love the facts you shared.
    When I was much younger my fave day of the week was Wednesday , I just liked the way it sounded. Mondays was my least favourite cos it meant school.
    Right now in the thick of adulthood, Mondays are my best days cos they are my least busy and stressful days.
    I also randomly Google up stuff too. There is so much information one can get from Google ! I just love that.
    Hahahahaha…. I’m glad I’ve moved way past d tymz I used 2 type lyk diz. I recently came across some old FB post from way back and I cringed ! Lol

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